Dispatch Deviation Report - July, 2018

Subject to Market Rule, Ch. 7, sec. 4.2.2 and sec 4.2.3 this report summarizes the number of occurrences where the IESO has deviated significantly from the results of the dispatch algorithm, the action taken and the rationale for doing so. An occurrence may cover one or more intervals and all occurrences recorded in the IESO Shift Operations log are considered significant.

One Time Dispatch 0 73 6 81 84 12 0 0 256
Blocked Dispatch 0 551 213 1988 78 0 23 1515 4368
Total 0 624 219 2069 162 12 23 1515 4624

Action Definitions:

Manual Dispatch:   The IESO issued a one-time-dispatch of resources for system reliability (security and adequacy) purposes - not unit or resource specific.
Blocked Dispatch:   The IESO blocked a dispatch to a resource(s) for system reliability (security and adequacy) purposes.

Rationale Definitions:

Non Compliance(NC):   The action was required to correct for recognized non- compliance of dispatch instructions by a Market Participant(s).
Operating Security Limit(OSL*):    The action was taken to respect an OSL due to differences in the forecast and actual flows.
Operating Reserve(OR*):    The action was taken to respect the forecasted (greater than 5 minutes) OR requirement.
Area Control Error(ACE*):    The action was taken to correct an over / under generation condition.
Data Failure(DF):    The action was taken to mitigate the effects of operational data input failures.
Planned Outage(PO):    The action was taken to facilitate a planned equipment outage.
Input Error(IE):    The action was taken to mitigate the effects dispatch algorithm input errors.
Energy Limited Resource(ELR):    The action was taken to preserve resources adequacy for future energy needs.

*May be a result of unrecognized Market Participant non-compliance with dispatch instruction.